About the Founder:


With years of experience working in public relations and high-end retail, Andrea was inspired to create Makala Jewelry for people who enjoy uniqueness and excellent quality in their everyday accessories. Since then, she has learned her mother’s secrets about wearing jewelry with confidence, and how to take care of them so that they will last for many years.


As a busy entrepreneur, Andrea believes that wearing jewelry is a form of expression that communicates elegance, charm, and personality to anyone you may encounter. Since first impressions are everything, Makala shows your true colours and gives you confidence.


Andrea’s main focus is on finding jewelry that is compatible with all types of personalities, so she takes each person into consideration and caters to their likes and needs.


So, where in the world is Makala Jewelry?  Makala is located in Toronto, Canada, and is known for its handpicked jewelry from all over the world and ship to Canada, to the USA and Mexico. Our pieces are made from high-quality materials, primarily sterling silver and stainless steel and are plated with either gold or silver. From simple rings to dramatic necklaces, Makala has it all. Whether you decide to wear your Makala Jewelry to a business meeting, or brunch with the girls, our versatile pieces add a discreet charm to your presence at all occasions.


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